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Interviewing The Interviewer: A Genuine Chit Chat Crossover

It's the 50th episode! To celebrate, Mike Burton of Genuine Chit Chat has turned the tables and interviewed me, Superdummy Paul.

Glyn Davies Rubbing Shoulders With The Stars

In this episode we hear from Glyn Davies, shoulder rubber of the stars.

MC Evol shares their Lit Hop Lessons

In this episode, we hear from Hip Hop artist, MC Evol.

Black Adam for dummies

Gabe Cheng shares how he accepts the bad and embraces the great

In this episode, we hear from podcaster and comic creator, Gabe Cheng.

Kyle Stück on hobbies, work, passions and horror.

In this episode, we hear from podcaster, comic creator and very nice person, Kyle Stück.

Cowboy Coder Shares His Code Rage

In this episode, we hear from Cowboy Coder about his upcoming album; Code Rage.

Heath Fodor shares his adventures and bumping into history

In this episode, we hear from Heath Fodor. Heath shares with us his journey from growing up in a small town in Michigan, loving comics and writing, through his variou...

Jason Starr and The Next Time I Die

In this episode, we hear from a crime writer, comic book writer and now sci-fi writer, Jason Starr.

Shakespeare Unleashed with James Aquilone

In this episode, we hear from writer, editor and serial Kickstarter, James Aquilone James shares with us the story behind his latest Kickstarter project, Shakespeare ...

Living in a satirical world with Seth Levens

Seth tells us more about what makes him tick, the satirical look at the world that drives a lot of his writing and the way he observes the world around him. How does t...

Finding new ways to be creative with Ibrahim Moustafa

In this episode, we hear from comic book artist and writer, Ibrahim Moustafa. Ibrahim talks about his latest graphic novel, Retroactive his creative process and the ...

Alyson Shelton on film, culture and inclusivity

In this episode, we hear from writer and comic book creator, Alyson Shelton

Storytelling and Niches with Alek Shrader

In this episode, we hear from operatic tenor, director, writer and comic book creator Alek Shrader.

Reading and making comics with Matt Garvey

In this episode, we hear from comic book writer and YouTuber, Matt Garvey. We learn from Matt how he came to start writing comics, he shares some of his processes and...

Tim Lapetino looks at design, Atari and living in a world of geek culture

Tim Lapetino shares his history with geek culture, designing geek products, writing geek books, talking about geeky things and basically being a massive geek!

Ben of Star Wars Timeline looks at different geek culture perspectives and changing worlds

Ben from Star Wars Timeline takes a dive into not only his own history with culture and geekdom but has a look at the history of culture from across the world in the f...

Kevin Conran, Sky Captain and the Art of Tomorrow

Kevin Conran; Art Director and Co-Creator of the amazing film 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow' and author of 'Sky Captain and the Art of Tomorrow' shares his pr...

Eric Lee talks about the creative process and the complexity of geek media

In this episode, we hear from Eric Lee, author and artist of 'The Breakup Artist' webcomic and contributor to Fantastic Universes and Dark Knight News. He shares his c...

Professor Elemental looks back at his beginnings and the importance of being true to yourself

Chap hop artist Professor Elemental looks back at how he started and the importance of being true to yourself. He also looks forward at the future of geek culture and ...

BZ 'The Voice' reflects on harmony, positivity, acting and Beat Saber

BZ 'The Voice' Cullins is an actor, voice actor, filmmaker, geek and all-around positive guy. He shares with us his passions, his outlook on life and shares some of hi...

New Year Message From Era of Geek

Short New Years message from Era of Geek

Dan B talks about upbringings and perceptions

Kibla Ahmed talks about the importance of family

Kelly Gaines talks about influences and self acceptance

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